Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chants and rants of an only child

Hi! For everyone to know, the lady is an only child. She is born to a sailor and a homemaker. She is born 22 years ago. Being an only child entails a lot, she experienced both the advantages and disadvantages of it. Of course, she had the luxury of getting everything she asked for from her parents. As what others would connote it, yes, she is such a spoiled brat. She was spoiled even more by her father, even though there were times when her mother would normally refuse to give her what she wanted to cut her being a brat. She always get what she want when she want. Her parents couldn't say no to her. She had everything a child would ever ask for. She always had her way. But there were moments in her life where she felt alone and lonely. Having no siblings to play with, to quarrel with, to tell stories about her everyday life made her feel so lonely. There were times when she thought, what would be her life if she had a brother or a sister? She always have a longing for an older brother and a younger sister. If she'll be given a choice, she would like to have someone to be there for her when she needs someone. She has her parents of course, but I know you'll all agree that when it comes to your everyday life, you can't say everything to your parents. Since she's an only child, her parents gave her the best that she could ever have in everything, She went to a private Catholic School since pre-school to college. She had a lot of Barbie dolls and Doll house that her friends and cousins got envy of, that they stole some of it. Again, she always had her way.

The biggest disadvantage of being an only child happened during her 17th year. When her father passed away and succumbed to cancer. She felt that her life was turned upside down. She lost the one person whom she confides to whenever she feels down. But her longing for her father was filled by her mother's love and support. She became closer to her mother but her being a spoiled wasn't totally gone. Her mother still gave her everything she wants and needs. Even today that she already have a job, she sometimes come to her mother for financial support and her mother willingly give her the support she needs.

Also, thanks to her cousins who stand as her siblings. Thanks to her friends for being her confidant when she needs one. Her uncles and aunts who support her and it means a lot to her. The people around her tries everything they could to fill the longing of the lady for her father and it overwhelms her to have those people around.

I guess, being an only child is not really lonely. If another only child has the support system that the lady has, life would be near perfect. :)

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