Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sharp-tongued friends

Today is one of those days that I feel so emotional about everything. Blame it on the hormones maybe?

Just recently, One of my officemates and I went out on a Friday night for a few drinks. We went to this bar somewhere in Greenbelt. Upon entering the bar, I saw a familiar face, a face I haven't seen personally before. I've seen that face in facebook, that person is a friend of one of my officemates turned friend. I didn't mind that person since we don't know each other personally. My companion knows that person for they were introduced before. But still, she didn't managed to go to their table and say hi (my officemate is a really shy girl, sometimes). Neither they went to our table. So we drink, eat, talk about everything. Having a really bionic ears, I suddenly hear the person with a familiar face blurt out that he's not like my friend (who also happen to be his friend). I was shocked, he was talking to his companion in a low voice all the time, and suddenly blurted those phrases so loud. He said it in a manner that whoever may hear those words will think that my friend is a whore, a flirt, or someone so bad and gruesome. That very moment, I felt that my friend has been violated. I immediately sent my friend a text message about what I heard. My friend didn't replied. I asked my companion if she heard those words, but she didn't, she don't have bionic ears like mine. I told her what I heard and we both blurted out our "OHMYGOSH!". She too can't believe that our friend's friend was able to say those words. Before that night, our friend has already told us stories about that that friend is such a person whom anyone shouldn't be friends with because of that person's backstabbing ability. It was proven to me that night.

With that experience, I remembered my own fair share of backstabbing friends. I was in high school then, I was part of a group of people who loves gossip (everyone loves gossip I suppose). But not only that, my group of friends that time was so fond of talking about other people and making up stories about them. Little did I know, when I'm not with them, I am the subject of their backstabbing. In high school, I was so naive that I didn't cared for anything except for my friends and my studies. I didn't mind what other people were telling me. It just came to me that they are bad-mouthing me when we were in college. I found out that they are downloading my photos from the infamous friendster and posting it in a groups they made for themselves. I learned that what other people from our high school were telling me were all true. Something else happened, that made me come up to a decision that I don't want to be friends with them anymore. I stayed aloof from them making them so mad at me that. In a party of one of our common friends, thinking that I still need them and seeing that they are being good to me (maybe I'm still naive then), we reconciled. Everything went on so smoothly after that reconciliation, we started going out again, we started being friends again. But I guess, it is fate that came to us, another thing happened that I finally decided that I can't continue my friendship with them. They are still talking behind my back. Making stories about me that aren't true. We were now estranged to each other. And I'm not planning to reconcile with them anymore.

I am so glad that I found the courage to say goodbye to my sharp-tongued friends. They are not worth of anything from me nor I am worth of their backstabbing. I feel relieved that we are not friends anymore. Maybe they are still talking about me, I don't care anymore, at least I'm not friends with them.

I don't understand those people who finds pleasure in backstabbing their friends. Really.

Why can't people refuse being friends with someone who is the subject of their own stories? So dumbass.

As for now, I am happy with my life with them not around me. I am much in peace now.

I hope everyone who experienced the same scenario may find the courage to stay away from those sharp-tongued friends they have, those toxic people and find peace in their decisions. :)


  1. im sorry to hear about your experience with back stabbing people.. and with your high school friends (x-friends). I guess... with friends like THAT who needs enemies, right? Take care!

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