Monday, January 31, 2011

Chants and Rants not Rants and Raves

 The title of the blog have it's own explanations. First, the author is someone who rants about everything. Rants that sometimes are shallow, shady, sucky, and unnecessary. Rants that often makes her misunderstood by many. But her rantings are not limited to these, there are those rants that are educational, inspirational, influential and necessary. These kinds of rants are referred by the lady as chants. She chants when she's happy and inspired, she rants when she's upset or sad. Second, why Lady in Black and White? Simple, black and white symbolizes sophistication, elegance and style. She is a fan of it. She loves sophistication, elegance and style. She loves it because it's her total opposite. She's not sophisticated nor elegant in any way. She's just an average girl living in a third world country. Her story will soon be continued..... 

1 comment:

  1. You said Rants seven times... oh lalala!!! 7 is a lucky number, I bet your blog will be lucky as well! hihihihi