Monday, January 31, 2011

Office lady

Hello! Today, the lady is in the office. She's bored and unhappy with her job. What does she do? She's a Virtual Assistant in a not-so virtual office. She's doing admin works for a client in the United States,medical office works to be exact. Her office is not within a tall building with elevator and she doesn't wear business clothes when going to work. She's having her office in a 3-storey building with rooftop without elevator and not cozy at all environment. This obviously isn't her dream workplace, neither it is her dream job. She's been working in that office for nearly 6 months now and she's thinking of leaving it, but she has no idea where to go. Some of you might ask, why is she there in the first place. The answer: She has no choice. It is so hard to look for a job nowadays and she went through all the hardships of finding a job that will enhance her skills.She saw the job post of the company at a job site August of last year, she thought of trying it out. Luckily or unluckily, she got accepted. The lady feels that she don't deserve the kind of job that she has right now. She deserves more.

The lady holds a bachelor's degree in computer studies from one of the country's premiere colleges for women. She and her parents paid a lot for her education but now she's only getting little amount every month for her salary, not even one-fourth of her semestral fees during college. She's underemployed and underpaid.

The lady said that she would stay with the company for even a year, but with the kind of job that the company's offering her since day 1, she feels that she wants to leave after her 7th or 8th month. She's not progressing in any way.
Buildings in the country's financial district

The lady wants to work in the center of the financial district of the country. And she'll do whatever it takes to be there!

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