Friday, February 25, 2011

Which one?

Months ago, a friend asked me what will I choose: A guy who's rich but ugly or a guy who's good-looking but poor. I wasn't able to answer him right away. I just laughed it off because I really don't know how to answer his question. Couple of days ago, I came to an article over the internet with the same question as the title. I remembered my friend asking me the same question. I still don't know the answer to that.I posted it in my facebook account as a status, some of my friends commented that they'd want someone who's good-looking, just that. Upon knowing my friends' answers were, I somehow realized what I really wanted. But before I reveal my answer, let me just share with everyone my thoughts about the choices presented above.

With a guy who's rich but ugly, he can give me everything if not, anything that his or his parent's money. He can take me to the most expensive places, we can have the most expensive dates, and everything that his money can do. The downside: He's not worth showing if he looks fugly. As what my friend once said, who would want to date someone who looks like a feet or a cow? No one I guess.

With a guy who's good-looking but poor, I can show him off and people will envy me, not knowing he's poor. But knowing he's poor, I can't imagine myself dating a guy and I'll be the one who'll pay for our bill, for our fare, for everything. Again, another friend told me, it's better to have a good-looking date than someone who looks awful.

So who would I choose? Someone who's rich but ugly or good-looking but poor?

I'd choose a good-looking date. Not too poor not too rich. I don't want someone who only asks money from his parents, nor someone who don't have anything at all. I want someone who can stand on his own feet even if he came from a prominent family, someone who knows how to handle things on his own. Someone who has his own way. Someone who knows how to deal with life's uncertainties.

How about you, what will you choose? :)


  1. I have to agree with the choice that you just made. we don't need to have everything. What we need is something that will be able to stand with us, yet can give you what you need. Though it may not be everything, at least he worked hard to give it to you.

  2. Precisely. Thank you though for agreeing with me. :)

  3. daig ng may sense ang may benz. pero sa kabilang banda, dapat praktikal ka rin. hahaha. @_@